If you like wine and ice cream you will love our next recipe.

It is believed that the red wine ice cream was created by an American family and they little by little announced it. It is incredible that in a land of wines as the Ribeiro region, we didn’t have that idea…

The truth is that they are a lot of ice cream flavors for everyone, but every day we get many recipes that we can make at home in summer to refresh ourselves. Because, who don’t like wine?

We propose to you the next recipe to make your own red wine ice cream at home in an easy and fast way. First you need to boil a whole bottle of red wine with a cinnamon stick, orange zest and two thin layers of ginger. Then you let cool this liquid and pull out the cinnamon stick, the orange zest and the ginger, and you put it on the fridge for 24 hours.

In another side, we whip 400 ml of cream until it forms peaks then we put in 250 ml of condensed milk and the red wine liquid that we made before and we have on the fridge. We mix everything and we put it now in the freezer and wait…

After five hours we will have a smoothie, sweet and tasty ice cream that will astonish our guests and they will enjoy the benefits of the red wine, not only in natural cosmetics, but also in their mouths.

Also we can make this recipe healthier and natural replacing the condensed milk for honey and 250 ml of cashews milk, it is very easy to make at home and it is able to everybody including the lactose intolerant people and they derivatives. In this case, we also need to add to the recipe four egg yolks, which can be substituted by 5 grams of soya lecithin.

Here you have two fresh, quickly, easy and tasty recipes that you will enjoy and love.