The uses of the olive oil in cosmetics isn’t new, many years ago the ancient civilizations adored the fruit of this sacred tree because of its curative and restorative properties. In Egypt they use it as an important part of their hygiene in form of creams and bathes. Other civilizations use this incredible oil as a balm to tone and massage the musculature.

Today we want to bring to you a small summary about what can this amazing oil can do for your skin throw the natural cosmetic incorporating it in moisturizing creams, soaps and many other products that can give elasticity, hydration and protection to your skin.

The virgin olive oil has a high amount of fatty acid, been the most important the oleic acid, that helps to restore the normal levels of humidity in the skin improving as well the conservation of the cellular membrane. For all the people is known as the most powerful and effective natural moisturizing because it helps to fight the dryness.

In another way, the antioxidant vitamins that it has, mainly the E and K vitamin, help to attach the free radicals that turn it into an excellent alternative for the fight against the premature aging of the skin, allowing it to have the same elasticity.

Other benefit that it has is the great capacity to repair the damage tissue, that is why is recommended in injure or scar cases, because it helps to recover the dermis in quickly amount of time.

For levinRed it is indispensable to have this oil in all of our products as in the case of our exfoliating soap, that besides our main ingredient the red wine, it has olive oil that nourish, regenerates and smoothes the skin. Although it is used in nail treatments and harmful hair.

As you see it has a lot of uses and they are all virtues, why don’t buy products of natural cosmetics that have olive oil. We are sure that you will love how it treats your skin.

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash