Terms and Conditions

Jurisdiction and apply law

These conditions are ruled by the Spanish law. Any other controversies related with the present use conditions are subdued to the exclusive power of the Judges and Courts of the city of Ourense.

Shipping charge conditions

All the levinRed clients have shipping charges conditions agreed in a commercial level, the ones that are also apply to the orders made throw the website www.levinred.es. Therefore, the orders made throw the website www.levinred.es will never point out the charges that can be made to the confirmation of the order and they are hold to the previous named conditions in a commercial level.


The offers and price lists of the products are purely indicative, reserving levinRed the right of modifying these prices without prior notice. The orders will be accept with reserve of a possible variation of the final price.

In the prices aren´t included the shipping charges, the taxes and the supplementary rates. These outlays will be borne by the clients according to the individual conditions agreed with the client.According to the previous information, the bills that levinRed send out With all the foregoing, the invoice that levinRed issues, will be based on the rate in force at the time of supply according to commercial conditions and regardless of the price indicated above. There could be variations between the price of the web order and the final invoice motivated by real-time updates of our system. These variations are assumed by the client.

Deliveries of the Products

The periods foreseen and indicated in the articles for the delivery of material are merely informative, not being binding for levinRed. The availability of items in the order confirmation is not guaranteed. This availability will be a merely informative non-binding data, subject to real-time factors.

Unless expressly agreed in writing with levinRed, the customer shall not be entitled to request the cancellation of an order or any compensation including the return of postage in the event of a delay in the delivery of the product, due to circumstances beyond the will of levinRed.

The customer agrees to pay the price of the products already delivered, even when the order has not been fully served in partial shipments.

Transfer of risk

The risk of loss and / or damage is transmitted to the customer from the moment the merchandise is sent to the customer.

When the goods are received by the customer, it is essential that the delivery note of the carrier clearly reflects any incident related to the condition of the same, whether due to damage to the packaging, number of packages or poor condition of the product.

It is also essential that you communicate by fax or email to levinRed said incident within a maximum period of 24 hours from the receipt of the merchandise.

Reservation of ownership

While the client has not paid the price in full and all amounts due as a result of the sale, the product will be considered property of levinRed, with all inherent rights. The customer will be considered the depositary of the products and must store them separately, clearly identifying them.

If on expiration of any term the client does not make the amount effective, levinRed may choose between demanding immediate payment of all due and expired installments, or terminate the contract and withdraw the products held by the client, without obligation to refund any amount of those received, which will be for the benefit of levinRed, as compensation for breach of contract, without prejudice to the compensation for damages caused to levinRed, which it may claim.

If, prior to the total payment of the products, the client object of any seizure or embargo, in the seizure procedure, it shall expressly state that these are the property of levinRed. If, in spite of this, they were seized, it will facilitate the exercise, by levinRed, of the relevant third party domain, whose expenses will be borne by the client.

The client, in addition to the special affectation to the fulfillment of his obligations, established on the products that are sold, will respond of them with all his other good.