If you are a wine lover, you are luck, because now you will like it even more. It is not only good to drink a glass of it, but cosmetics with red wine have become a big discovery to take care of the face skin against the aging.

A big dose of antioxidants for the skin

The antioxidant power of the red wine is well-known for everyone, then why can´t we apply it for cosmetics? It is important to avoid that the skin oxidize to keep a healthy and careful aspect.

The polyphenols that are in the wine achieve to regenerate the dead cells, avoiding the sooner wrinkles, marks and stains of the skin. His high antioxidant power is the best remedy that contributes to the elasticity and firmness of the epidermis, and that’s why it exists different wine therapy treatments that help the skin to see healthy and brilliant. The natural ingredients are ideal for your skin, avoiding chemistries and artificial ingredients. Therefore, you should keep in mind this type of cosmetics that can help change the state of your epidermis. The grape is one of the most important fruits in the world of the cosmetics and isn´t for least.

The flesh of this fruit is ideal to made cosmetics for dry skins that needs an extra of moisturizing, as well as using the skin for other type of treatments. By the other side the seeds are perfect for to make creams and lotions with a water base for its liquid content and it is also an excellent natural exfoliate for the skin.

As you well known, the grapes are beneficial for the body in many different ways, so stay with its properties that contribute to have a young skin and fight against the free radicals. That is why there isnt as the power of nature to create beauty.