Red Wine Lipstick

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levinRed Lipstick is a natural product made with hand-made red wine from the Ribeiro Region. It is perfect to avoid dry and chapped lips giving to them a great protection, a high moisturizing effect and with antioxidant and restorative properties with a matte reddish touch that makes it a unique product in the market. 

Its composition has a 98,19% of natural ingredients, from which 84,58% are eco-friendly.

The skin of the lips is very different from the one of the face, it is thinner, sensible and fragile, and it doesn’t have melanin and sebaceous glands, and that’s why it doesn’t have any protection against the external aggressions. The changes in the temperature and the environmental dryness produce dehydration and chap on the lip skin.

Our levinRed lipstick offers all the protection needed to take care of your lips with natural ingredients giving hydration, softness and an a antiaging effect thanks to its main ingredient, the red wine, and also to the big amount of essential oils and vitamins that form the formula. Our lipstick not only will help protect your lips, but it also will embellish them

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12,90 IVA incluido


It is a natural soap made with 97% of high quality vegetal ingredients exclusively compound of cold saponify vegetal oils as Olive or Coconut, with what we obtain a high quality handmade product, which main characteristic is that is made with red wine, that helps to fight against the facial aging, stimulating the metabolism of the skin and protecting the elastin fibers and the collagen.

levinRed exfoliating soap is suitable for all skin types, giving a cleaning and moisturize sensation to all the skins.

Apply Form: Rub the soap over the facial skin, doing soft movements, to avoid redness. This is a daily product and it is recommended to be use at night. It is advisable to use a good moisturizer cream after cleaning, as our levinRed moisturizing and anti – aging facial cream.

Sweet Almond Oil

The almond oil has emollient, moisturize and smoothie properties. In chemistry, the almond oil is a triglyceride of fatty vegetables acids. The unsaponifiable fraction of the sweet almond, consisting mainly of squalene, tocopherol and phytosterols, guarantee to the skin the contribution of highly nutritious substances. The topical application of the vegetable unsaponifiable fraction acts, favoring the tonicity and elasticity of the skin.

Jojoba Oil

Aside of its excellent emollient action, which gives a highly hydration and softness, it has a special characteristic that makes it indispensable for the deep moisturize of the skin and makes a not fatty lipid protective layer, that has the same action as a mineral oil.

Castor Oil

It is a great ally for our beauty, thanks to its regenerative power and its calming properties.

Cotton Oil

With emollient and moisturizing properties and nutrients that give elasticity to the skin. The presence of fatty acids cooperate with the regenerative effect of the tissues and help to restore the lipid barrier of the skin, in the case that they are less fatty acids.

Vitamin E

It has a lot of properties, but it is known as the beauty and youth vitamin. It is an antioxidant that protects the cells against every external aggression as pollution, pesticides and stress, main cause of premature aging. The vitamin E contributes also in an important way to the energy production.


The wine has a lot of properties for the skin, it is rich in resveratrol that acts as an excellent antioxidant, taking care and protecting the lips.

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Wine, Glycerin, Betaine, Glycolic Acid, Panthenol, Soluble Collagen, Hydrolyzed Elastin, Fucus Vesiculosus Extract, Retinyl Palmitate


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