Exfoliating Soap

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The exfoliation is an important step in any beauty ritual, because it helps to regenerate the skin removing the death cells that block the pores, improving the oxygenation of the skin. Besides it allows the better absorption of the products that we are going to apply.

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7.90 IVA incluido


It is a natural soap made with 97% of high quality vegetal ingredients exclusively compound of cold saponify vegetal oils as Olive or Coconut, with what we obtain a high quality handmade product, which main characteristic is that is made with red wine, that helps to fight against the facial aging, stimulating the metabolism of the skin and protecting the elastin fibers and the collagen.

levinRed exfoliating soap is suitable for all skin types, giving a cleaning and moisturize sensation to all the skins.

Apply Form: Rub the soap over the facial skin, doing soft movements, to avoid redness. This is a daily product and it is recommended to be use at night. It is advisable to use a good moisturizer cream after cleaning, as our levinRed moisturizing and anti – aging facial cream.

Pumice Stone

Exfoliates, cleans and smoothes the skin leaving it fresh, young and brightness free.

Antioxidants from the grape extrat

that help reduce the blotches of the skin and the production of melanin that causes the appearance of spots.

Avocado Oil

It has a protective and regenerate effect because of its antioxidant properties and a well – known anti- aging effect. This oil also is very rich in greasy acids that help to make a skin – protective layer on the epidermis that will leave your skin juicy, nourish and with a healthy aspect, thanks to its high moisturize power.


Obtained by the cold fabrication process and the Shea butter that act recovering the skin with an invisible layer, that avoid the dehydration and protect the skin of the external aggressions. Also the Shea butter is well – known as a powerful cellular regenerator and for its anti – aging properties that prevent and treat wrinkles.

Coconut Oil

It has antiseptic properties and helps to prevent and fight against the skin infections. This oil is also rich in fatty acids as the lauric acid that help restore the pH of the skin, meanwhile the moisturizing action is reached by its natural hydration power.


Your skin will look healthy because of its antibacterial properties that help reduce the skin infections as the acne, improving the tone of the skin and reducing the pores.

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Piedra pómez, Extracto de uva, Aceite de aguacate, Glicerina, Aceite de coco, Citronela


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They aren’t allowed refunds for being a cosmetic product, except in case that at the moment of receiving it, it presents any packing problem. In that case levinRed will replace, totally free, the product provided it has not been used. To do this, you must send a photo of the original package to info@levinred.es the same day it was delivered.

The company isn’t responsible for the damages that occur from the wrong use of the product.


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