It has a velvety texture and a quickly absorption, it is made with a 98% of natural actives and antioxidants, that help to delay the first age and fatigue signs. For skins that need to fight against the dryness with an extra doses of moisturize and also are looking to prevent the first line expressions and blur the wrinkles giving elasticity and firmness to the skin.

The levinRed moisturize and anti-aging facial cream is allowed for all kind of skins, because it blend the brightness in the greasy skins and deeply moisturize the dryness ones. Besides it helps to fight against the pass of time.

Application Form: Day/Night. Apply the cream over the face, neck and neckline skin making soft circular movements until its complete absorption. In case of dry skins apply twice a day.


Creates a barrier effect, blocking the escape of water that nourishes the skin keeping the adequate levels of hydration. It helps to treat the dryness and dermatological illness skins, as the psoriasis or the dermatitis.


It has important properties that fight against the loss of volume and the wrinkles. It also holds the water in the epidermis that helps to refill the small wrinkles and the lines expressions.

Aloe Vera

Is a cellular rebuilder, healer, toner and high skin penetration to avoid the premature wrinkles and delay the ones origin by the age. It reduces size of the open pores. It is also an excellent solar filter and helps to eliminate the solar spots.


Its a moisturize natural factor that cut down the sensation of dryness in the skin, the irritation. Improving as well the facial regeneration and stimulate the collagen formation.

Hyperic Oil

Has calming and regenerative properties. Revitalizing the skin and leave it smoother.

Cotton Extract

Is an active with a protective and smooth action.

Antioxidants from the grape extract

that help reduce the blotches of the skin and the production of melanin that causes the appearance of spots.

Vegetal Glycerin

Helps to improve the acne problems, treats the most delicate skins and also delay the aging, because it retains the humidity of the skin helps to keep the skin young and healthy.


High moisturize active that helps to fight against the dryness of the skin. It contributes lubrication and penetrates in the deepness of the epidermis. In the acne treatment, improves the tallow internal secretion and avoid the black spots.