Antiaging Serum

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levinRed Antiaging and Antioxidant  Facial Serum is a product made with hand-made red wine from the “Ribeiro Region” that contributes to keep and take care of the facial skin, it also helps to recover the elasticity, the tone and improve the skin regeneration.

Today, red wine is a great ally of beauty thanks to the presence of polyphenols, which help to fight against the free radicals that are responsible of the facial aging stimulating the metabolism of the skin, protecting the elastin and collagen tissues and regenerating the dead cells of the epidermis. Are these properties the ones that convert the red wine in a wonderful tool against aging: diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, provides hydration and restore the elasticity and the skin firmness.

Antioxidant effect facial treatment line thanks thanks to its main ingredient, the red wine, which helps to fight against the free radicals responsible of the facial skin aging. It also stimulates the metabolism of the skin protecting the elastin fibers, the collagen and regenerating the death cells. It has an extraordinary and immediately anti- age effect cause by the excellent combination of ingredients that act at different levels.

It has a velvety and light texture and a quickly absorption, it is made with a 94, 8% of natural actives and antioxidants, that help to delay the first age and fatigue signs. It is capable for skins that require an extra dose of elasticity and firmness.

How to use:

Apply it preferentially at night because the retinol can cause skin blemishes if it is contact with the sun. It can be use by the day if a solar protector cream is applied after it. Shake the product for the perfect mixture of the actives. Apply a small amount of the product over the skin of the face, neck and the neckline making soft circular movements until it’s completely absorption.


Keep it in a fresh and dry place. Don’t expose it directly to the sun light. If it has extremely temperature changes the product can lose it characteristics and benefits. Besides the product will suffer a gradual change of color once it is open, because of it natural composition and also because of the wine properties and its logical rusting that in any case this means a weakness in the quality of the product.

Advertisements: Don´t ingest. Keep it away from children.


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31,90 IVA incluido


It is a natural soap made with 97% of high quality vegetal ingredients exclusively compound of cold saponify vegetal oils as Olive or Coconut, with what we obtain a high quality handmade product, which main characteristic is that is made with red wine, that helps to fight against the facial aging, stimulating the metabolism of the skin and protecting the elastin fibers and the collagen.

levinRed exfoliating soap is suitable for all skin types, giving a cleaning and moisturize sensation to all the skins.

Apply Form: Rub the soap over the facial skin, doing soft movements, to avoid redness. This is a daily product and it is recommended to be use at night. It is advisable to use a good moisturizer cream after cleaning, as our levinRed moisturizing and anti – aging facial cream.

Natural tensor actives

Natural tensor actives that act at different levels, from one side they create a tridimensional mould that smooth out the skin, and from the other side it reduces the contractions that produces the wrinkles. Giving place to a tensor effect that improves the aspect of the facial skin.

Glycolic Acid

It produces a soft peeling effect on the skin, contributing to eliminate the death cells and improving the regeneration process.

Elastin and Collagen

They give a firming effect to the skin and help to recover the elasticity, the tone and avoid the results of the flaccidity of the facial skin.

Fucus Extract

It has a high moisturize action thanks to the polysaccharides and also an antioxidant action from the polyphenols.

Panthenol or provitamin B5

High moisturize active that helps to fight against the dryness of the skin. It contributes lubrication and penetrates in the deepness of the epidermis. In the acne treatment, improves the tallow internal secretion and avoid the black spots.

Vitamin C and encapsulate Retinol

 The first one is well-known for its antioxidant capacity and the second ingredient is one of the most used actives because of its excellent anti-aging properties, but in this case they are encapsulated. This action guarantees that the retinol gets to the skin in its optimum state and also pierces in a mayor way, because using a minus dose its effect is greater and reduces the possible irritant effects.


 It’s a natural moisturize factor that cut down the sensation of dryness in the skin, the irritation. Improving as well the facial regeneration and stimulate the collagen formation

Additional information


Wine, Glycerin, Betaine, Glycolic Acid, Panthenol, Soluble Collagen, Hydrolyzed Elastin, Fucus Vesiculosus Extract, Retinyl Palmitate


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