The levinRed moisturize and antioxidant facial cream is made with our personal seal that is our hand-made red wine that we produce with too much love and that made that our product are originals and exclusive, but they not only have the benefits of the wine and the grapes, they also have other actives that are equally attractive and beneficial for our skin that we are going to talk you about:

The vegetal glycerin, that is hypoallergenic, that we found in the coconut oil is allow for all type of skin and that’s why everyone can us it without harming their skin and also has the capacity for moisturize in depth and to regenerate the skin. It also helps fighting the dryness of the face skin and thanks to its antibacterial properties it helps to remove the bacteria´s that causes the acne.

The Panthenol is the precursor of the Vitamin B and have a relationship with the regenerative metabolic process of the skin. Among its properties we can find that it is a highly moisturize active, it is healed, it has anti-inflammatory properties and it helps regenerate the face skin improving its elasticity and encouraging the formation of new cells.

We also will talk about the Urea it is a big ally to keep, in a natural way, the skin healthy and smoothie. It´s moisturize and exfoliate properties favor the generation of collagen and elastin, that´s why the face skin will look more firm and unwrinkled.

By the other side we will talk about the famous hyaluronic acid, which is our big ally in the fight against the volume lost and the wrinkles. Its main property is that it has a huge capacity for retain water, that´s why it contribute a depth moisturize to the skin and helps refill and blend the first wrinkles.

We have less to say about the Aloe Vera, as well known by our granny´s and its goodness to relieve and cure the burns, thanks to its healed properties. Its use helps us moisturize and smooth the skin, acting as an excellent cellular regenerator.

The Betaine is use as a natural and depth moisturize factor that reduce the dryness sensation and favor the face regeneration and also stimulate the formation of collagen.

These main actives are more powerful thanks to the calming and regenerating properties of the hyperic oil that is in our formula, that revitalize the skin leaving it smoothie, while the protective and smoothie action is achieve thanks to the almond oil and the cotton extract.

As you see levinRed moisturize and anti-ageing facial cream has high quality actives that will help your skin look more healthy and young.