We are always worry about moisturize of our skin and we fight it with the uses of several cosmetics, but we always forget the importance that it has to hydrate our skin from the inside. It is about an internal process that will make your skin look healthier and have the aspect that you are looking for.

The main characteristic of moisturizing our skin is the ability to drink water, especially in summer where is recommended to drink a little bit more than the amount of liquid that the doctors said (8 glasses up to date) or even if you realize some kind of physical activity. Besides, it is necessary to eat several foodstuff and supplements that help nourish the epithelial cells to show a young, smooth and unwrinkled skin.

Including in your diet foodstuff that have vitamin C is essential, because they have a huge amount of antioxidants that help to rule out the formation of the free radicals, reducing the aging, and putting in liquids and nutrients.

Foods as kiwis, red fruits, oranges or lemons help you to achieve this goal. Besides eating them at breakfast you can also consume them in different versions as flavor waters, milkshakes or smoothies (where you can include vegetables as broccoli, spinaches, cucumbers, parsley and celery) which make you more fun the drink of liquids.

Also you can use supplements that help to accomplish a balance diet and that have vitamin E, vitamin B7 (blue fish) and fatty acids as Omega3 and Omega6 (avocado, salmon, sardines, vegetables oils and dry fruits).

Therefore a balance alimentation and the ingests of fluids are key aspects to have a healthy skin, and remember that in summer you need to take more care about your hydration.

Photo by Maid Milinkic on Unsplash