Frequently we forget the importance of taking care of our mind and we don’t pay enough attention to our feelings, emotions and our spiritual part. The health is a concept that bases in two equal parts the body and the mind because they are privately connection.

So many studies claim that the people that enjoy good emotional health are more aware about their thoughts and behaviors, the ones that can have positive influence in our health avoiding illnesses as stress and anxiety.

Then, why we don’t pay the same attention as to our body?

They are a lot of activities that promote the healthy states in several aspects, not only physically, as the practice of meditation, Pilate’s exercises, Yoga or Tai Chi. Today we want to talk about the benefits that Yoga provide to our emotional health.

Practicing Yoga, according to several scientific studies, synchronize the nervous and neurological system improving the memory, the concentration, the knowledge, the conflict resolution and the decision making. Besides, the respiratory exercises of this discipline help to calm the mind, reduce in a huge amount the anxiety and the stress state, and they have prove that the full cognitive performance keeps on time.

We think that this is the best discipline to take an excellent care of our mind and at the same time of our body, because it provides a lot of physical benefits. What do you think about this? ¿Do you practice Yoga? Do you take care of your mind?