Who don’t know our even used pumice stone once?

It has a lot of different names around the world but the most common is Pumice Stone, this element is familiar to almost everyone because we always had seen it in our moms’ houses or even in our grannys´houses. His uses in cosmetics goes farther than the simple use of reducing the patches of hard skin or the callosities of some parts of the body as the foots, elbows or knees, this element is also useful to eliminate the hair of the body and to improve the folliculitis.

It is about an essential product in our day a day and thanks to the natural cosmetic it is incorporated to new products, beauty and dermatological treatments that have amazing benefits for our skin, which gives us also freshness, cleanness and smoothes improving the health and aspect of our body.

This stone of volcanic origin it is mixed in natural cosmetic in a powder version, as a strong and excellent exfoliate. Added to soap as ours, that also had red wine, or to facial and body creams, you will remove with it the death cells of the skin in a quickly, effective and painless way achieving a light, smooth and spots free skin with a frequent and continuous use.

Do you know that the Pumice Stone is also use for relax treatments? If the answer is no, we can tell you that it is incorporated in many types of massages to eliminate the body tensions. And it is also use in cleaning products as the glass cleaners because of its abrasive properties, in some tooth pastes, in erasers and in the textile area.

As you can verify this stone has a lot of uses, but we keep with its cosmetic properties that leave us an amazing skin with a natural and economic product.