Wine´s ice cream

If you like wine and ice cream you will love our next recipe. It is believed that the red wine ice cream was created by an American family and they little by little announced it. It is incredible that in a land of wines as the Ribeiro region, we didn’t have that idea…...

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Benefits of the Jamaica water

The last month we talk in our last post about the importance of moisturizing our skin from the inside, that’s why this week we bring to you a recipe that you will love so much. It is about the Jamaica water, an infusion that has an incredible flavor and provides a lot...

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Hydrate your skin from the inside

We are always worry about moisturize of our skin and we fight it with the uses of several cosmetics, but we always forget the importance that it has to hydrate our skin from the inside. It is about an internal process that will make your skin look healthier and have...

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