7 Surprising benefits of Wine For Anti-aging

Red wine is not just a pleasure to drink but is good for your skin and health. Two glasses a day for men and one for women can actually be more beneficial than complete abstention. Just like fruits and vegetables and those over-the-counter creams can help with...

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Cosmetic´s uses of the Pumice Stone

Who don’t know our even used pumice stone once? It has a lot of different names around the world but the most common is Pumice Stone, this element is familiar to almost everyone because we always had seen it in our moms’ houses or even in our grannys´houses. His uses...

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Wine´s ice cream

If you like wine and ice cream you will love our next recipe. It is believed that the red wine ice cream was created by an American family and they little by little announced it. It is incredible that in a land of wines as the Ribeiro region, we didn’t have that idea…...

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