The last month we talk in our last post about the importance of moisturizing our skin from the inside, that’s why this week we bring to you a recipe that you will love so much. It is about the Jamaica water, an infusion that has an incredible flavor and provides a lot of benefits to your organism.

This flower, also call hibiscus, is common in many tropical countries, even though it has an African origin. It has minerals as potassium, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron and sodium, which help to keep the health of bones and teeth, and also has vitamins B1, B2, B3 and vitamins A and C.

One of its main benefits is that is diuretic, this means that helps to clean the liver and the kidneys releasing your organism of toxins through the urine and it also help us lose weight. Some studies confirm that this drink contributes to low the glucose levels in blood of the diabetic people.

These studies also tell us that the Jamaica´s water is useful to normalize the high arterial pressure, to reduce the harmful cholesterol and to low the triglycerides.

The Jamaica´s flower is specially consume in form of infuse drink, even though we need to confirm that it has to be consume without boiling so it preserve all its properties. Also this kind of flower can be use in some types of dishes as salads or other exquisite plates.

After reading this post you can observe that this drink has a lot of benefits, but the characteristic that we really love of it is his flavor. If you don’t have the pleasure to know this amazing drink and you want to taste it, here we leave you this simple recipe of this refreshing and healthy drink.


– 7 glasses of water

– ½ bowl of dry Jamaica flowers

– Honey as much as you want (we substitute the sugar for the honey)


We boil the water and when we remove it from the fire we put in the Jamaica flowers and the honey. We let it rest among 10 to 15 minutes. Then we cold it, strain it and serve it with a lot of ice.

We hope you like it!!!!